2 thoughts on “250W Boost Converter for 100W LED

  1. Hi Julian, My name is George. I recently purchased 2 100w leds, 1 cool white and one warm white. I plan on purchasing 4 more of each. I’m hoping for 1 driver for each set of colours, simply because I heard not to power 2 different colors with the same driver. My question is this, what would be the best way to power them? Wiring in series or parallel and what specs fora driver. I’ve tried doing research but there’s not much with high powered leds, and the info there is is being powered by batteries. I will be using 110v ac as the initial power source. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the inspiration.
    George Shaw

  2. Hi Julian, I have been watching your videos and I have learned greatly. I am with George Shaw I want to join the team to develop a driver solution feeding off 120VAC/ 60HZ. Just send an email with an assignment so I can cooperate in whatever I can. I don’t have lot experience with electronics but I am fast learner.
    take care and I will be checking the site for new information on it.

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