PWM5 Complete Circuit Diagram

PWM5-CircuitThis is the complete circuit diagram of the PWM5 Solar Charge Controller. Click the image for the full size drawing.

The solar panel (max 100W) connects to the anode of the 90SQ035 Schottky diode at the top right of the drawing. The positive connection of the 12V lead-acid battery connects to Vbatt –┬áNote that Vbatt appears in two different locations on the drawing and 0v (zero volts) in a number of positions along the bottom. Vgate is is the high voltage generated by the charge pump.


3 thoughts on “PWM5 Complete Circuit Diagram

    1. Your schematic drawing is nice,but I’ve noticed some component value to be incorrect based on original schematic of Julian Elitt. Anyway it helps me figure out at which the pins of the pic go through because on Julian’s diagram he did not indicate that clearly.

  1. Hi Julian,

    Just wondering if now the production of the pwm5 has stopped whether you will be selling kits or providing a complete parts list with affiliate links to ebay/amazon?


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